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June 11
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Vi-Tech skin concept (League of Legends) by Gevurah-Studios Vi-Tech skin concept (League of Legends) by Gevurah-Studios
Hey guys, have a fun one for you here today. This Vi is a nod to some of the sweet rides you will see rolling around the streets ;). Vi-tech has a few new upgrades and battle grade armour. She might feel a little Gundam but she is 100% Vi through and through. 

This was a really fun one to create and we've been wanting to do a Vi skin concept here for a long time, hope you guys like it!. All comments and critique welcome and encouraged.
Love youusss, 
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Dear Asher,

Your painting finds me uncertain - it shows me something but not what i really wanted to see as a gamer (I'm a gamer not an artist , sorry).

Vi is actually one of my main and most played champions in the Lol. But there are reasons why she's my favorite (i own the Neon strike and <3 it a bunch). It is obvious that you have added a lot of masculinity to her and taken away her Femininity and attitude.

It is meaningless to start accusing you for what I DO NOT like about this but I will give you my feedback from the point of view of what you have DONE; you have given her a different hair style and color, a new face that does not look like Vi -[original Vi's face looks like warm and affectionate (just like a mother) but also ready to PUNCH you in the face if you misbehave just as you have with her] - her gaze is distant and cold AND from the point of view of a gamer that sadly i am, can see 80% percent Tech but only 5% percent Vi (the other 15 was EATEN by a ROBOT from hell?!? Nice Art - Vi's been misunderstood)

Have you ever played this champ or just like to draw;
What do you think?
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This is one of my favorite Vi skin for my favorite badass character in Lol, the gargantuan arm just make it much more epic than it has to be, plus the motion blur made it looked much more lively, amazing artwork, the red and white made her seems more visible, the hand seems like it could squish a teemo head in a few seconds because of her pure badass nesss,Im speechless , I'd definitely be eager to await for your next masterpiece as well as I hope all your amazing concept would be accepted by rito and added to the game!
What do you think?
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Ruffmeister036 Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  New member
I'm searching for creativ thumbnails for our Let's Play Channel.
On my journey trough the internet i find this picture!
Your work is very nice.

My question to you.
Would you allow us to use it as thumbnails?

I'm looking forward to your answer.

Greets from Germany
S-O-G-A Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Metagrossfreak Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the look, but I think I would be too heavy for Vi. Each of her gauntlets in her classic is well over 200 lbs, so I'd be concerned she'd dislocate an arm wielding these Jetskis on her arms
drackendarck Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
The next mecha Skin? :)
kuugadragon908 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
yes yes
Creshnibon Featured By Owner Edited Jun 30, 2014
looks great!
RAOcreations Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing!!! :thumbsup:
kai013 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This kinda reminds me of Infinite Stratos (not that's a bad thing, mind you). I want this skin soooooo bad. Vi will always be my go-to jungler.
WrathfulPaladin Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
This is awesome!
BlerghBlergosn Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
oh my god, yes please!!!
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